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Helping Clients of All Ages to Achieve their Academic Potential

Our centres offer a variety of solutions focused on supporting parents with curriculum assistance and exam preparation, as well as social development. With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need of educational assistance. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfil their potential. Whether you need help with homeschooling curriculum assistance or assessment or tutoring at University, we have you covered. 

Available Online and Face to Face

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Curriculum Assistance and Exam Preparation. Our branches offer a variety of solutions to assist parents in providing the best education to their homeschooled children.

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Our Unique Person-Centred Approach to Home Schooling

Homeschooling parents have the freedom to follow a wide variety of educational approaches to promote their children’s safety, interests and aptitudes. With the freedom that home education provides, there is a renewed interest in learning and reaching your full potential as a student. NeuroEduCare Centre's has a unique advantage because its multidisciplinary team of educational and mental health professionals take care of every child in a non-generic way. We are interested in who your child is and the person they are becoming. Supporting children and their parents is our primary concern. We cater for most curriculums including, CAPS, GED and Impaq.

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Our branches can assist you with identifying unique, save and interesting social development groups and activities. Enquire about our NeuroEduCare Adventure Camp.

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Whole Person Approach to Home Schooling Excellence

Many parents are concerned about the social development of their homeschoolers. Studies show that everyday experiences with parents are fundamental to a child's developing social skill-set and that primary social skills development is learnt from their parents (Maleki et al., 2019). To further support families and children, NeuroEduCare centres develop a unique programme for each community in which we work. The NeuroEduCare Adventure Camp is one example of our solution-focused approach to creating a meaningful social experience filled with adventure, friendships and skills development. Yes, at NeuroEduCare we climb, row, camp, run and have fun in a safe and controlled environment.

Annual group summer camp, coming soon. 

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NeuroEduCare is committed to academic integrity and supports the enactment of educational values through behaviours including the avoidance of cheating, plagiarism, and contract cheating. We are committed to the maintenance of academic standards, honesty and rigour in research and academic work (Kirk, 1996).

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