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These tests are used in a controlled and scientific manner to evaluate an individual on several levels.  These assessments measure a variety of domains such as intellectual capabilities, cognitive abilities, integrity, personality as well as aptitude. A wide range of tests from school readiness to pre-employment screening and employee development is available. Our team will assist you in identifying the appropriate tests.

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For employers and HR


Used to screen a high volume of candidates and exclude those who do not meet the minimum requirements of the position.


These assessments are used when the shortlisted candidates are compared to the specific job requirements as well as the company.  These batteries are usually a range from cognitive abilities, personality, integrity, and skills.


For management to make informed decisions regarding their employees. Where development may be needed or whether an employee could be developed for promotions.

Team building

When we understand our colleagues a bit more and what makes them tick, we can build a better company culture and environment.  Understanding their personality and strengths gives us insight into their way of doing.

Psychometric Tests

We use Integrity International’s (INTEG) tests.  These are South African developed and HPCSA registered tests with South African Norms. 

Integrity tests

Integrity Profile – 200 (IP200)                              Diagnostic Integrity profile

Integrity Measuring Instrument (IMI)                 For screening/selection purposes

Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB)     Disposition to assisting co-workers and the organization                 

Counterproductive Work Behaviour (CWB)       Disposition to counterproductive work behaviour in general.

Cognitive tests

Standard Cognitive and Potential (COPAS)

Cognitive Profile Assessment  (COPAS – version II – 3 levels)

Comprehensive Aptitude Profile (CAP)

Personality test

Personality at Work (PAW)                              Comprehensive personality profile

Specialized reports derived from the PAW – when looking at specific attributes compared to the specific job requirements:

o   Emotional Intelligence

o   Motivational Disposition

o   Entrepreneurial Orientation

o   Sales & Marketing Orientation

o   Financial Orientation

o   Managerial Orientation

Psychometric Tests: Text


Scholastic Assessments

These assessments are used to measure a learner’s cognitive abilities.  School readiness assessments are used to evaluate the cognitive aspects of school readiness. Together with the cognitive test, a battery of tests is conducted to determine reading and mathematical proficiencies.  These assessments can be used to determine challenges and/or if any concessions need to be made to help the student reach their full potential.

Assessments available:

ASB – Aptitude Tests for School Beginners (Grd R – Grd 1)

JSAIS – Junior South African Individual Scales (3 – 7 years)

SSAIS - South African Individual Scales ( 8 – 16 years)

One Minute Tests

Graded Reading Test


Neale Analysis of Reading Ability

Psychometric Tests: Text


Career Guidance

Assists the participant to make an informed decision, not only regarding subject choices but also their future careers. A battery of assessments can be used to help identify options.  The cognitive ability gives the learner an idea if they will be able to handle the workload of their future studies. This process considers and takes into account your interests, personality and thinking styles.

Assessments available:

Differential Aptitude Tests (DAT)

Jung Personality Questionnaire (JPQ)

South African Vocational Interest Inventory (SAVII)

Discover your career –  interest, personality and thinking styles.

Comprehensive Aptitude Profile – ability, personality and integrity.

Psychometric Tests: Text



Practical English Proficiency (PEP)                  Verbal / Language proficiency
Competency measuring Instrument                Generic Assessment (CMI – GA)          Generic Competencies
Workplace Orientation Test ( WOT)                  Working from Home – Psychometric test
Workplace Orientation Checklist (WOC)           Working from Home -  A Checklist

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Tests for specific Industries

Security Assessment Profile (SAP)                   For the security industry
Driver Assessment Profile (DAP)                      Transport industry
Domestic Services Profile (DSP)                      Hospitality industry
Call-centre Agent Test Instrument                  Call Centre industry

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Support Group
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